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Making a Difference. Xcellerating Social Responsibility.

We're a different type of beverage company. Everyone needs some ‘Redemption, Freedom & Inspiration’ in their lives. Combine the best tasting beverage products with the highly sought after ‘meaning of life’ (essentially the focus behind the most powerful brand in the world (“God”); and leverage it with worldwide charities to help kids and other causes; that is the allure of RedemptionX Brands. The Company’s mission is to develop a large and loyal community to disrupt the $6 trillion worldwide food & beverage industry – and allow consumers to ’Break Free’, ‘Get Inspired’, and ‘Do Some Good’ by purchasing its products. Redemption Brands will expertly brand, position and capture the mystical essence or purpose of life (i.e., “Find Some Redemption”) in new, edgy and refreshing ways. RedemptionX Brands will work with strategic partners such as breweries to help produce its products that, for the first time, will have a cool history and intriguing cause behind the brand. Consumers will enjoy a lighter, uplifting or more inspirational experience and ‘Feel Good’ about their daily purchases. The Company will deliver exceptional product quality and integrity, and eventually introduce lighter or humorous labels for cross-over product and market opportunities.

Redemption X is helping you do great things while you do things that are, not so great.

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